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Meet the Maker - Baked by Beth

One of the latest independent producers to join Barbury Hill, Baked by Beth’s rich, indulgent bars and brownies may taste sinful but the vegan, and gluten and refined sugar-free ingredients are anything but. We caught up with Beth in the welcoming kitchen of her Stroud home to catch a glimpse of the magic that transforms such wholesome produce into the moreish treats handpicked by Barbury Hill and delivered across the country.

It was shortly after the birth of her first child that Beth turned her hand to baking, though her love of the craft dates back much further, to a childhood spent in the kitchen, creating her own recipes and playing around with flavours and techniques that have been expertly honed since. The seeds, nuts, and fruits in Beth’s bars may have started out as a way of subtly slipping a little goodness into her young daughters’ diets, but with her wizardry they are transformed into something altogether richer and more decadent, while maintaining just a hint of their virtuous origins.

Pistachio and Rose Brownies  Chocolate, Orange and Date raw bar by Baked by Beth

From our first taste of her Pistachio and Rose Brownies, we at Barbury Hill were smitten. With no artificial ingredients and without refined sugar or gluten, we couldn’t believe there wasn’t more than a little magic involved. But it turns out that witchcraft was not in the recipe, simply a careful balance of natural, often organic, ingredients including agave syrup, coconut sugar and flax seeds. Foraged from her garden, the petals that grace her bars are a joy in themselves, evidence of the care and thought Beth pours in to each and every bake.

Brownie and Bar gift box by Baked by Beth  Salted Caramel raw bar by Baked by Beth

It’s fair to say that we’ve been admirers ever since and are delighted that Beth has joined Barbury Hill so that we can bring her bakes direct to you. From the carefully selected mixed box of six to the salted caramel bars with their fudgy date caramel and raw biscuit base, we’ve tried and tasted them all to bring you the best of this exciting British producer. Whether sending a thoughtful gift to friends, or treating yourself, Beth’s bakes are sent out with the personalised care and attention that are part and parcel of buying from a small business. All of us at Barbury Hill hope you love them as much as we do.

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Tor Saner, Product & Marketing, Barbury Hill

by Tor Saner, Product & Marketing

Tor ensures our platform and product selection is as good as it can be and is always on the lookout for delicious hidden gems.  Tor has eaten her way around the globe and loves nothing more than a glass of chilled Rosé in the sunshine with friends.