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No alcohol cider new to Barbury Hill for Dry January

Customers are asking for more interesting products and Dry January is more popular in 2021 with reports that many of us have 'overdone it' in 2020 and we are more mindful of our health this year.

Introducing Pulp 0.5% 'alchol free' cider - these light and refreshing no-alcohol ciders come in two delectable flavours, Apple and Rosé and we also offer a mixed case of both.


Pulp comes from an eight generation family owned cider farm in Herefordshire - winner of Great Taste Awards -  they have been producing cider for over 100 years on their 200 acre cider apple orchards. Adapting to market trends their low alcohol ciders are proving very popular. Not only do they deliver exceptional quality, they are Vegan & Gluten Free also.


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