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Beal’s Farm – Luxury Selection
GBP £49.00

Popular with customers who wish to sample a range of Mangalitsa charcuterie. Barbury Hill’s luxury selection includes a total of eight packs of cured meat from four varieties as well as two half sticks of different salamis. Cured meats included are; Air dried ham, Spalla, Coppa, Lomo . This is perfect for a dinner party or large family gathering.

Beal’s Farm have won multiple Great Taste Awards and their exceptional Mangalitsa meats are used by Michelin-Starred chefs and Britain’s finest restaurants. You can now enjoy these meats, brimming with flavour, delivered directly to your door.

2 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Air Dried Ham
2 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Spalla Ham
2 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Coppa
2 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Lomo
2 x 170g half-sticks of Salami (two of Salami, Milano, Fennel or Chorizo depending on availability)

Keep refrigerated. Use within 3 weeks.

Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product

Contains: Gluten Free
Ingredients / Storage:
<p>Port, Beef, Pork Fat, Salt, Garlic, Spices, Pepper, Sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite &amp; culture starter.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
Location : Sussex

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