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Beal’s Farm – Mangalitsa Selection Box
GBP £25.00

An award-winning selection, this box combines four sliced packs of cured meats and half a salami. You’ll get to taste and compare each of the whole muscle cuts, Air Dried Ham, Coppa, Lomo and Spalla, cured in a subtle blend of herbs and spices to ensure the flavour of the Mangalitsa shines through.

Beal’s Farm have won multiple Great Taste Awards and their exceptional Mangalitsa meats are used by Michelin-Starred chefs and Britain’s finest restaurants. You can now enjoy them delivered directly to your door.

1 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Air Dried Ham
1 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Spalla Ham
1 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Coppa
1 x 50g packets of pre-sliced Lomo
1 x 170g half-stick of Salami (Any one of Salami, Milano, Fennel or Chorizo depending on availability)

Keep refrigerated. Use within 3 weeks.

Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Contains: Gluten Free
Ingredients / Storage:
<p>Port, Beef, Port Fat, Salt, Garlic, Spices, Pepper, Sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite &amp; culture starter.</p>
Location : Sussex

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