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Great Newsome Brewery – Barbury Hill Mixed Case of 12
GBP £27.00

We've teamed up with Great Newsome, a family-run multi-award-winning brewery, to offer you the best of their range in this tried and tasted selection box. The handpicked mixed selection of premium bitters offers a great range of styles from pale ales to best bitters and stouts. The case of 12 bottles is packed with hidden gems and several award-winners including Frothingham Best – a classic bitter and Winner of Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5% at the 2020 World Beer Awards.

• 1 x Fine Fettle (4.1%) – A golden ale that is teaming with fruit-hop flavours and a refreshing bitterness.
• 1 x Sleck Dust (3.8%) – Great Newsome’s original beer and a firm Barbury Hill favourite. Blonde and easy drinking.
• 2 x Frothingham Best (4.3%) – A classic best bitter, named the World’s Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5% at the 2020 World Beer Awards.
• 1 x Pricky Back Otchan (4.2%) – A fan-favourite golden ale with a delicate citrus bitterness.
• 1 x Jem’s Stout (4.3%) – Mahogany-coloured, traditional stout. Features both rich coffee and deep chocolate flavours.
• 1 x Liquorice Lads Stout (4.3%) – This award-winning stout features roast-malt flavours and real liquorice (Great Taste – Three Stars).
• 1 x Koru (4.7%) – Brewed using fruity hops topped off with a light malt base, giving Koru a smooth bitterness.
• 1 x The Chairman (4.8%) – A copper-coloured, gluten-free premium bitter that’s just packed with grounded and rich flavours.
• 1 x Lazy Wind (4.4%) – A robust and hearty porter, here to help you ward off the woeful weather.
• 2 x Holderness Dark (4.2%) – A stronger, modern version of the mild that was once the country’s staple beer.

Age restriction: This item contains alcohol, which is not for sale to people under the age of 18.
Barbury Hill promotes responsible consumption. For the facts about alcohol visit drinkaware.co.uk.
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Location : East Yorkshire

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