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Penrhos Spirits – Zero Raspberry *Alcohol Free Gin*
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Refreshing with floral tones and bursts of botanical flavours, this distilled non-alcoholic raspberry gin from Penrhos is sophisticated and delicate. Using raspberries grown on their Herefordshire farm, the juices are blended with a selected mix of botanicals including junipers, peppercorns and their own blueberries to produce a well-rounded and refined drink.

Penrhos are passionate about combatting waste and on a mission to use everything they produce. Both the raspberries and blueberries used in this 0% ABV botanical spirit are the ‘imperfect’ ones. Not quite ‘perfect’ enough for the supermarkets, but we can say without doubt they are the perfect ones for this healthy botanical spirit.

• Tasting Notes – A burst of fruity raspberry with hints of floral tones leaving beautiful botanicals on the palate
• Serving Suggestion – Pour over plenty of ice and mix with tonic. Add fresh (or frozen) raspberries and a sprig of rosemary to create an elegant, sophisticated drink

0% ABV
Size 70cl

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Delivery : 4 -5 days
Contains: Alcohol Free
Location : Herefordshire

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