Introducing Barbury Hill - artisan food and drink

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Introducing Barbury Hill - artisan food and drink

The UK is full of passionate independent producers of high-quality food and drink. In fact, many of us go out of our way to support local producers and farm shops where accessible to us, but how do you discover talented producers and enjoy their products when they're not located near your home or place of work?

That is why Barbury Hill began - we're a place where the best of British independent producers can come together in one place and where you, our discerning customers, can more easily find talented producers and quality products, all delivered to your door.

We're on a mission to shine a light on passionate independent producers and we promise to only feature carefully selected food and drink, big on taste and quality.

The products you buy on Barbury Hill come without airmiles and by purchasing from us you are supporting independent producers directly.

The ethos of supporting independent producers and providing our customers with the best quality products the UK can produce, feels like complete common sense to us. We hope you agree.

Welcome to Barbury Hill - we hope you find something delicious.


Barbury Hill - artisan food and drink