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British Fine Foods

As we move into the festive season, many of us will be looking forward to indulging in premium food and drink. And if ever there’s a time we can justify spending a little more on something nicer than we might usually go for, Christmas and New Year is certainly it. Luckily, our delicious spread of British fine foods makes Barbury Hill your one-stop destination for food and drink gifts, as well as treats for your hosts, your guests, and yourself.

Celebration - Barbury Hill

Fine British Foods: Good for you. Good for the producer. Good for the planet.

While we might not be able to drink the finest English wines on a Tuesday, or splash out on a luxury hamper every weekend (much as we’d like to), there’s a lot to be said for treating ourselves and others occasionally. Which is where Barbury Hill comes in. We’ve trawled the length and breadth of the British Isles to source British fine foods that you can confidently spend a little more on, knowing that you’re getting exceptional value for money.

And because they’re sourced solely from the UK, you can rest assured that airmiles are non-existent and road miles are minimised. Plus, many of our producers have sustainability practises that are leagues ahead of their larger, more mainstream competitors. So not only are British fine foods a delicious treat, they come without the usual side serving of eco-guilt.

But you’re not only helping the planet. By buying fine foods from Barbury Hill, you’re supporting small, often family-run, businesses. All of our producers are independent, small companies and farmers, so buying British fine foods allows you to support the British economy.

Barbury Hill’s favourite British fine foods

We’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite from our wide range of British fine foods. So we won’t. But here is just a selection of the exceptional food and drink producers we feature and who will certainly be finding their way onto our wish lists and our table this Christmas.

Pinney’s of Orford

One of the UK’s premier smoked fish producers, Pinney’s of Orford has been smoking fish in their Suffolk smokehouses for over 70 years. With smoked salmon, a luxurious selection of pâtés, and even oysters on the menu, they offer a range of British fine foods to delight over the festive season. A plate of oysters makes a sophisticated treat for a New Year’s Eve party, especially if followed up with a Trio of Pâtés and a Whole Side of Hot Smoked Salmon. Just add some warm, crusty bread and a bottle or two of English wine and you have the makings of a New Year’s celebration to remember.

Trio of pates - Barbury Hill  Salmon on bread - Barbury Hill

Langham Wine Estate

A breakfast of smoked salmon on Christmas morning is something of a staple in our house, washed down with a glass of fizz, naturally. And at Christmas that fizz is a cut above the usual, with a bottle of Corallian Classic Cuvée NV from Langham Wine Estate. With notes of cut grass, oyster shell and baked apple, this English sparkling wine is an award-winning crowd-pleaser, its fine stream of bubbles adding a dash of sophistication to any gathering.

Corallian Cuvee -Barbury Hill  Rose NV - Barbury Hill

Fen Farm Dairy

With the Christmas lunch done, and an afternoon of classic films and the Queen’s Speech ahead of you, the last thing you’ll want to do is cook. So prepare in advance our Signature Soft Cheese Selection from Fen Farm.

An award-winning array of soft cheese including a 1kg wheel of Baron Bigod - widely acclaimed to be one of the best cheeses made in the UK as well as a small round of Truffle Baron, a creamy St Jude and St Cera, and a Bungay Raw Butter.  This selection has everything you need to produce a last minute showstopper of a cheeseboard, with very little effort. 

  Baron Bigod - Barbury Hill  Signature Soft Cheese Selection - Barbury Hill

Beal's Farm

When it comes to charcuterie, it pays to know where your meat is from. And when you buy fine British food, that provenance and story often come as standard. One of Barbury Hill’s favourite producers, Beals, craft exceptional charcuterie from their own herd of Mangalitsa pigs. The pigs are reared on their mid-Sussex farm and animal welfare is at the forefront their business model so they’re open about every aspect of their animals’ lives. Buying British also buys you peace of mind.

Beals Farm - Barbury Hill  Beals Farm - Barbury Hill

Jolly Good Brownies

To finish off our list of Barbury Hill’s favourite producers of British fine food, a treat that often finishes off our meals - Jolly Good Brownies. These sumptuous stars are lovingly made by Oli Barton, a trained chef who turned her hand to baking alongside raising her three children. These unbelievably soft and squidgy brownies make a wonderful gift for new parents, birthdays or any celebration that requires cake (we’d struggle to name one that doesn’t!).

 Jolly Good Brownies - Barbury Hill  Jolly Good Brownies - Barbury Hill

British Fine Foods: perfect for any celebration

When it comes to Christmas, or any celebration, British fine foods really come into their own. Offering something a little out of the ordinary that can’t be found on supermarket shelves, these are food and drink gifts that show you’ve really thought about that person. So if you’ve got a birthday coming up, a colleague’s retirement, or are planning a Christmas and New Year to remember, Barbury Hill’s range of fine food and drink offers everything you could need. From a cheeseboard to get people talking, to a tower of Happy Birthday Brownies, these are food and drink treats to indulge in and to indulge our loved ones.



Tor, Product & Marketing - Barbury Hill

by Tor Saner, Product & Marketing

Tor ensures our platform and product selection is as good as it can be and is always on the lookout for delicious hidden gems.  Tor has eaten her way around the globe and loves nothing more than a glass of chilled Rosé in the sunshine with friends.