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Cheese Selections delivered

Is there anything better than a smudge of gooey cheese on a biscuit, or a slice crumbling from the knife onto freshly baked bread, liberally spread with creamy butter? How about award-winning British cheese delivered to your door? With this in mind, Barbury Hill has brought together some of the UK’s best independent cheese producers to deliver a carefully selected range of delicious products direct to your home.

This cheese showcases the best of Britain’s small food businesses and delivers (almost) guilt-free indulgence with low-mileage, a commitment to sustainable farming and high animal welfare standards. Whether ordering a gift for friends and family or treating yourself, we’ve picked a handful of our favourites to give you just a taste of the exciting produce to be found on Barbury Hill.


Five of the best from Bath Soft
Bath Soft Cheese Co. – Five of the Best


Why choose just one cheese when you can have five? Whether laid out on a cheeseboard for a simple supper, or tucked away in the fridge for an occasional treat, Five of the Best from Barbury Hill is a handpicked selection of our favourite award-winners from the Bath Soft Cheese Co. We’ve found this ticks all the boxes for a dinner party, with its rich, Stilton-like Blue, the oozingly rich creaminess of the Bath Soft, the nutty aroma of the Wyfe of Bath, and the cider-washed orange rind of the Merry Wyfe. Add a relish or two from The Preservation Society and you have the makings of a cheeseboard to wow your guests. 


The Barbury Hill Collection by Fen Farm
Fen Farm Dairy - The Barbury Hill Collection


The Barbury Hill Collection… so good we put our name on it! Choosing our favourites for this exclusive selection was no easy task and we’re proud as punch of the finished product. It wouldn’t be a Fen Farm Dairy collection without the award-winning Baron Bigod, a decadently creamy Brie-de-Mieux style cheese that rivals the best French Brie and is the stand-out guest on any cheeseboard. For true indulgence, the Truffled Baron adds an air of refinement to a dinner party with its truffle-infused mascarpone layer, while St Jude brings a lighter touch with its lemony, grassy flavours and mousse-like texture. 


Six Month Cheese Subscription
Bath Soft Cheese Co. Six Month Subscription


While the only thing better than a generous slice of cheese is having that cheese delivered to your door from a British producer, Barbury Hill has gone one step further, offering our customers the chance to have it delivered every month without lifting a finger.  With Barbury Hill’s Six-Month Subscription to Bath Soft Cheese Co, you can expect a regular delivery of award-winning cheese as Five of the Best arrives on your chosen date each month. We’d recommend combining it with a few slices of Beal’s Farm Mangalitsa Air Dried Coppa and a glass of Atcombe Red from Woodchester Valley, or a glass or two of Steam from Small Beer Co to elevate a simple supper to something altogether more special.


Whether ordered as a gift for others or yourself, these cheese collections from Barbury Hill not only showcase the best of each producer, they’re a proud example of the entrepreneurial energy of our British farmers. With a commitment to the environment that mirrors Barbury Hills own ethos, these British dairy farmers and producers are at the forefront of a growing movement towards sustainability. Exquisite taste, ethical credentials and all from small British independents… these are cheese collections that truly deliver.


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Tor Saner, Product & Marketing, Barbury Hill by Tor Saner, Product & Marketing

Tor ensures our platform and product selection is as good as it can be and is always on the lookout for delicious hidden gems.  Tor has eaten her way around the globe and loves nothing more than a glass of chilled Rosé in the sunshine with friends.