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Food and drink that both tastes, and does, good

Why Buy the Best of British?

When I founded Barbury Hill it was with one aim; to showcase the best British food and drink from small, independent producers and farmers across the country. Produce that you might not find on supermarket shelves but that was so good it deserved to be in the spotlight. Barbury Hills journey since then has been one of discovery; weve uncovered some incredible hidden gems, and in the process have learnt more about the environmental, social and economic benefits of buying British. When you order through Barbury Hill, you’re supporting British businesses, the environment, a community, local jobs, and encouraging homegrown talent. This is food and drink that both tastes, and does, good.

Small Businesses = a Strong British Economy

Once known as a ‘nation of shopkeepers’, Britain has a long history of entrepreneurism and innovation and Barbury Hill has met no end of inspiring, exciting and dedicated producers in our search for ‘the best of British’. From Wye Valley Meadery’s award-winning mead to Bakery Number Eight’s squidgy cookies, we’ve seen how individuals have transformed their passions into small businesses that offer flexibility and freedom from the 9-to-5 while creating jobs and adding value to their local economies and beyond.

Bees in the Wye Valley | Barbury Hill

Sustainability and Minimal Waste

Not that the motivations of Barbury Hill partners are purely self-serving, far from it. For many, it is the desire to give back - to their community and the planet - that has driven the creation and success of their business. Take Stroud Brewery. An organic, Certified B Corps business, Stroud Brewery was established to put people above profit and to create a hub for the local community, all while creating brilliant beers produced through sustainable, organic and regenerative farming methods.

Diversifying from cheese production to vodka might seem like an odd course, but for Jason Barber it made sense to avoid unnecessary waste and use the by-product of his cheese business to make the superior, innovative Black Cow Vodka. Likewise, a glut of damsons prompted the creation of Gattertop Damson No.12 Vodka, and they haven’t looked back since. The leftover damsons are used in jellies and jams once the vodka has been filtered, and with their recyclable packaging, carbon-neutral goal and Soil Association certification, Gattertop is leading the way in sustainable practices. 

Black Cow Vodka cocktails

 Damons Vodka by Gattertop


Protecting the British Countryside

The idyllic shots that accompany many of our products show landscapes we’d all like to protect. From the hedgerows and orchards that produce the botanicals and fruits for Percival & Co’s hard tonics to the dappled waters that go into the crisp River Test gin, our Barbury Hill partners are working hard to protect and regenerate their surrounds. Through careful management, River Test has seen the return of water voles and other wildlife, while Percival & Co actively work to regenerate woodlands and hedgerows alongside the Woodland Trust. Many of our producers are certified organic, meaning no pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers. In restoring the natural balance of the environment, they’re able to create food and drink that are good for us and the planet.

British hedgerows River Test, Hampshire

Higher Welfare Standards

Buying British meat and dairy products offers you confidence in the welfare of the animal. The meat and dairy products available through Barbury Hill come from small producers with a strong commitment to better traceability and higher welfare standards. You can taste it in Fen Farm Dairy’s cheese from Montebeliarde cows that graze happily in the Waveney Valley and in the organic milk used by Bath Soft Cheese Co. We’ve also found that creating a market for a product can be an opportunity to save a dying breed - the Mangalitsa pigs that roam Beal’s Farm’s hills and woodlands were on the verge of extinction but a small number were reintroduced to the UK in 2006 allowing us to enjoy their superior meat which now features on Barbury Hill.

Lower Carbon Footprint         

When you order through Barbury Hill, your products are sent out directly from the producer. There’s no middleman, no air miles, no energy-consuming warehouses, just door-to-door delivery that keeps the carbon footprint of our products low. Many of Barbury Hill’s small businesses take this to the extreme, with Gattertop picking, distilling, bottling and labelling their vodkas on the farm, while Pulp’s low alcohol craft cider is pressed and bottled within a 5-mile radius.

Barbury Hill is incredibly proud to play a part in this exceptional movement towards thoughtfully produced British food and drink. Join us in supporting small businesses that in turn support their communities, local environments, wildlife and the economy as a whole. Buying British is a win for all; our producers, our farmers, the environment, the economy, and you.

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