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Gifts for New Parents

While most new parents would probably put a good night’s sleep and a hot cup of tea at the top of their wish list, we think our selection of food and drink gifts for new parents would be a good runner up. From the richly decadent cheese of Bath Soft Cheese Co. to a celebratory glass of Langham Sparkling wine, these gifts are a wonderful way of saying, ‘congratulations’. And with the opportunity to include a personalised message, they’ll know you’re thinking of them during this special time.

The New Baby Gift Box with Brownies, Jolly Good Brownies

New parent brownie gift box with baby muslin - Barbury Hill

Is there anything better than a squidgy, meltingly moreish brownie? Those sleepless nights and early wake-ups will be easier knowing they have a Jolly Good Brownie to help them through the 3pm slump (or 3am, we’re not judging). And with this gift for new parents, there’s a little something for baby too - a beautiful muslin blanket, dotted with stars and tied up with a ribbon.

Jolly Good Brownies’ tantalising treats come in three equally decadent flavours; The Original, Chocolate Orange or Salted Caramel. With 6 or 12 in a box, new parents will be grateful for the teatime indulgence to look forward to more than once. And as these brownies last for up to two weeks, they can stretch out the enjoyment for days, if they can resist eating them in one go, that is. 

Charcuterie and Cheese Hamper Box, Bath Soft Cheese Co.

Cheese and charcuterie Hamper Box - Barbury Hill

As any new parent will tell you, feeding yourself becomes a matter of survival during those early weeks. So any gift that takes the stress out of supper is guaranteed to be a winner. With everything they need to throw together a delicious, but easy, supper, the Charcuterie and Cheese Hamper from Barbury Hill is both thoughtful and practical.

They may not have time for a hot cup of tea, but a thick smudge of the oozingly rich Bath Soft Cheese on a sourdough cracker, topped with Sticky figgy chutney will certainly get them through the bedtime routine. A quick lunch can be produced in minutes with Black Pepper & Wild Garlic Salami from Somerset Charcuterie Co., a few Rosemary & Garlic olives and the nutty creaminess of the Wyfe of Bath. And why not add in a bottle of something interesting from our No & Lo Alcohol range to keep them hydrated through to nap time. 

Double Cuvée Gift Box, Langham Wine Estate

Langham Double Cuvée gift box - Barbury Hill

The arrival of a new baby offers one of the greatest excuses to pop open a bottle of fizz. And what better way to celebrate than with a couple of bottles of English Sparkling Wine from Langham Wine Estate. As a gift for new parents, this is one of the best - whether they choose to put it aside for the baby’s first birthday, or wet its head with visitors, these award-winners are a delectable, homegrown alternative to Champagne, with all of the charismatic flavour but none of the airmiles.

This wooden box includes a bottle each of Corallian Classic Cuvée NV and Culver Classic Cuvée NV, both recent award-winners at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2020. An exquisite blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from 2017, the Corallian Classic offers delicate notes of cut grass, stewed apple and oyster shell with a fine stream of bubbles, while the Culver Classic combines aromas of red apple, plum, strawberry yoghurt and toasted brown bread on the nose, with a palate of orchard and stone fruit flavours. Rivalling their French counterparts, these sparkling wines showcase the very best of England’s booming viticulture.

Food and drink gifts to delight new parents

Our new category of New Parent Gifts makes choosing those gifts a breeze. Carefully selected from Barbury Hill’s range of hand-picked food and drink gifts and hampers, these gifts have been chosen with those early weeks and months in mind. Sweet treats, bottles of fizz, a non-alcoholic spritz and hampers that lend themselves to easy, simple suppers; these gifts are thoughtful, practical and indulgent. While they’re busy caring for a new baby, these gifts allow you to take care of them.

We love to hear about new arrivals - do get in touch and let us know who you’re buying for!

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Rebecca Lancaster, Copywriter, Barbury Hill

by Rebecca Lancaster, Copywriter

Rebecca, a talented writer, is a friend of Barbury Hill’s. When she’s not eating the best of British food and drink, she is writing about it. And when she’s not writing about it, she’s thinking about it.