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Gifts for Vegans

With over half a million people worldwide signing up for Veganuary , and more predicted to make the change this year, veganism is clearly a growing movement. So while we won’t be easily tempted away from our Baron Bigod or Fen Farm Dairy, we think anyone who does, deserves praise. And what better way to say ‘well done’ than with a handpicked foodie gift from an independent British producer, that’s suitable for vegans? Our new category shines a light on the best of British producers making food and drink gifts for vegans.

Sweet Treats for Vegans

Whether the lucky recipient is making a long-term lifestyle change or just trying out a different diet for a month, there’s no need to abstain from sweet treats. Our handpicked selection of moreish morsels will keep them going through January and beyond.

Baked by Beth

All of Beth’s deceptively decadent plant based bars and brownies are suitable for vegans. So the only problem will be choosing which of her tantalising delights to gift! Will it be the Plant Based Salted Caramel Bars with their smooth date caramel, raw biscuit base and dark chocolate crunch? Or the divine Plant Based Hazelnut, Apricot & Rose Brownies? Perhaps the recipient would favour the orange zing of the Plant Based Chocolate, Orange and Date Bars?

But if you really can’t choose, Barbury Hill has a solution. The Plant Based Brownies & Bars Box combines all three flavours so they can enjoy a selection of each.

A box of plant based, vegan friendly raw bars presented with flowers available for delivery on Barbury Hill  A box of six plant based and vegan friendly raw bars with edible flowers available for delivery on Barbury Hill

Brew & Bakes

Our next suggestion of a gift for vegans might seem a little unlikely. After all, a cream tea certainly doesn’t spring to mind when choosing a gift suitable for a vegan! But Barbury Hill’s Vegan Cream Tea Box contains everything they could need for a classic British tea, and it’s all vegan.

With an option for one, two, three or four people, the Vegan Cream Tea Box offers delicious vegan scones, vegan spread, Tiptree preserve, drinks of your choice, a bottle of fresh soya milk, sugar cubes, vintage paper plates and cups, a wooden knife and teaspoon & paper napkins. All they need to do is put the kettle on.

A vegan cream tea gift box with scones, fresh soya milk and tiptree preserve, available for delivery from Barbury Hill  A vegan cream tea gift box for two with scones, fresh soya milk, tiptree preserve on vintage paper plates, available for delivery from Barbury Hill

Alcohol-free Drink Gifts for Vegans

For those truly admirable folk attempting dry January and Veganuary in the same month, Barbury Hill’s extensive range of low and no alcohol drinks are also suitable for vegans, ticking both boxes. And as with our range of sweet treats suitable for vegans, these drinks are solid competition for their alcoholic counterparts.

Wilfred’s Spritz

The fact it was voted Britain’s #1 non-alcoholic drink at the 2020 Great British Food Awards tells you all you need to know about Wilfred’s Spritz. This zesty, sun-filled take on Aperol is an explosion of flavour and aroma, not to mention colour. Uplifting and enlivening, its joyous blend of bitter orange, rosemary, cloves and rhubarb is akin to a glass of sunshine.

Not only is it alcohol free and suitable for vegans, it’s free from allergens, sweeteners and artificial colours and is low in calories. So if the excesses of Christmas have taken their toll, Wilfred’s Spritz allows you to keep the fun of the festive spirit going, while hitting all those new year’s resolutions!

A bottle of Wilfred's vegan and non alcoholic spritz with two glasses garnished with a slice of orange, available for delivery from Barbury Hill   A bottle of Wilfred's vegan and non alcoholic spritz with two glasses garnished with a slice of orange, available for delivery from Barbury Hill

Highball Cocktails 

A vegan diet doesn’t have to mean tofu and bean sprouts. Highball Drinks have made sure of that. Their range of classic cocktails add more than a dash of excitement and colour to a Friday night (or a Monday morning, they’re alcohol free after all!). From the New York glamour of a Cosmopolitan to the Mediterranean warmth of an Italian Spritz, these pre-mixed cocktails contain all the flavour, but none of the alcohol of their more traditional ancestors.

They’re free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners, suitable for vegans and gluten-free, and with only half the calories of an alcoholic cocktail. These tick all the boxes for January while adding a dose of much needed colour in the greyer months.

A bottle and glass of non alcoholic, vegan friendly pink gin and tonic in a cocktail bar, available for delivery from Barbury Hill  A selection of non alcoholic, vegan friendly cocktails, available for delivery on Barbury Hill

Beer for Vegans 

Of course, if the vegan in your life is a fan of a classic pint, Barbury Hill has an option for that too. Stroud Brewery’s Budding Pale Ale and Tom Long Bitter are both suitable for vegans and their B Corp certification means they’re good for the planet too. Our case of 12 cans makes an ideal gift for vegans, especially those who are making the change for environmental or ethical reasons. Stroud Brewery are on a mission to make outstanding beer that not only doesn’t damage the planet, it benefits it. All while educating people along the way to inspire positive change.

Pint of vegan friendly Tom Long by Stroud Brewery available for delivery on Barbury Hill  Vegan friendly organic beer gift box from Stroud Brewery available for delivery on Barbury Hill

Vegan-friendly Gifts from Barbury Hill

So whether your friend, family member, neighbour or colleague is a lifelong vegan or making a change for a month, Barbury Hill’s range of gifts for vegans is full of handpicked delights from small British producers. From the glowing feedback we’ve received on each of these food and drink gifts, we’re confident they make a thoughtful gift that will be well-received by vegans, and non—vegans alike.