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Alcohol free cocktails without compromise

Like many of Barbury Hill’s independent British producers, Highball Cocktails was born from a personal quest. Husband and wife team, Red & Kate Johnson, were on the lookout for alcohol-free alternatives to their favourite cocktails but found themselves frustrated by the lack of options. And so, showing the entrepreneurial spirit that epitomises so many of our brands, they created their own. And we’re delighted they did - these alcohol-free cocktails are an exciting, flavoursome alternative for a Friday night (or any night!).

We know we’re not alone in trying to find a healthy balance in our lives. Sales of Barbury Hill’s low and no-alcohol range would show that. While there’s always a time for a chilled glass of Sharpham's Dart Valley Reserve or the warm embrace of Gattertop's Damson Vodka, we find they’re all the more indulgent if we’ve been a little good during the week. But like Red and Kate, we’ve often struggled to find anything in the shops that delivers the complex flavours we love in our favourite classic cocktails. Luckily for us, they started to mix their own alcohol-free cocktails at home and have perfected the recipes so we can all enjoy a G&T or Mojito, without the guilt.

While the natural ingredients are sourced worldwide, the cocktails are handcrafted in small-batches in the UK. The flavours are authentic, but with half the calories of a normal cocktail. Not only are they free from preservatives or artificial sweeteners, theyre also vegan and gluten-free. We could happily pour a glass on a weekday evening and feel virtuous, though they certainly taste otherwise. As vibrant as they are flavoursome, these drinks lifted our spirits the moment we first saw them.

Alcohol free mojito from Highball cocktails
Alcohol free cocktails from Highball
Alcohol free cosmopolitan from Highball Cocktails

We’ve been known to channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw and pour a Cosmopolitan, garnished with a twist of orange peel. The agave nectar delivers a hit of tart sweetness that transports us to an oh-so-stylish New York bar in one sip. For those days when pangs for a tropical holiday hit, the mint, rum and lime notes of the Mojito are just the tonic. Again, the agave nectar is the secret star, adding a hint of sweetness that balances the zesty lime. There’s always a time for a G&T, and when it’s alcohol-free, that could be any time! Here at Barbury Hill, we were astounded by the botanicals and juniper notes, with a quinine kick that makes a refreshing aperitif. 

So while we won’t pretend to be 100% virtuous, we’re more than happy to swap our evening drink for one of Highball’s non-alcoholic cocktails. No hangovers, fewer calories, a healthier body and mind, but with the same complex flavours; these tick all our boxes. Whether you’re taking things a little easier, or making a permanent lifestyle change, add a bottle or two to your Barbury Hill basket and let us know what you think!