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Luxury Food Hamper - a guide to what's inside

Is there anything more exciting than the delivery of a food hamper full of gastronomic goodies? How about a luxury food hamper, overflowing with delights from Pinney’s of Orford, Fen Farm Dairy, Tracklements, Pump Street and Cartwright & Butler? This extravaganza of a hamper is the ultimate gift for loved ones, or a payday treat for yourself at the end of a long month. Whoever it’s for, The Luxury Hamper is full of award-winning and exceptional food and drink that will keep the smiles coming long after opening. Read on to find out just what delights are in store.

Flint Vineyard Charmat Rosé 2019

Flint Vineyard, Charmat Rose 2019

A crisp and vibrant blend of four aromatic German grape varieties; Solaris, Reichenstiner, Cabernet Cortis and Rondo, the vibrant pink hue of Flint Vineyard Charmat Rosé gives a hint of the red summer fruit notes and natural fizz.


Pinney’s of Orford Smoked Scottish Salmon


And what better to pair with a fruity rosé than a slice of smoked Scottish salmon? A no-fuss lunch beckons with this offering from the award-winning Pinney’s of Orford. Smoked and hand-sliced in Orford, the delicious smokey flavours of this robust delicacy set the standard for the other smoked fish, pâtés, artisan cheeses and cured meats of the hamper.


Mackerel fillets

Caught off the coast of Ireland, the subtle smoky flesh of Pinney’s of Orford’s mackerel has a melt-in-the-mouth smoothness and is perfect on its own, on crusty bread, or made into a smoked mackerel pâté.

Smoked Trout fillets

These plump trout are plucked from the mountain spring waters of Spain before being hot smoked whole in Orford. Succulent and rich, they’re perfect hot or cold, with a simple salad and new potatoes glistening with butter.

Smoked Fish Pâté

Smoked Fish Pate

Is there anything better than a thick smudge of smoked fish pâté on crusty bread or a salty cracker? Pinney’s of Orford’s smoked fish paté is a creamy, decadent combination of mackerel, trout and hot smoked salmon, all smoked in their Orford smokehouses. Add a dash of lemon juice to cut through the rich flavours and you’ll have a simple supper fit for a King.


Smoked Salmon Pâté

Delicate and smooth, this smoked salmon paté is an elegant addition to a dinner party, but equally at home as a light lunch. Blended with lemon, cayenne pepper and nutmeg for a hint of spice, this creamy pâté calls out for a glass of crisp white wine and crusty bread.


A classic dip, Pinney’s of Orford puts all other Taramasalatas in the shade with its creamy blend of Icelandic cod roe, lemon juice and garlic.

Sweet pickled herrings

Topping off the Luxury Food Hamper’s smoked fish selection, the sweet pickled herrings are something of a pièce de résistance. This Swedish treat is marinated in a sweet pickling brine to create a surprisingly moreish appetiser. Ideal for summer parties and tapas evenings, these succulent delicacies are a firm favourite with Barbury Hill customers.

Oak Smoked Stilton

Oak smoked stilton

Traditionally smoked over whole oak logs in Pinney's of Orford’s smokehouses, this flavoursome oak smoked stilton is rich and creamy with a hint of smoke and a distinctive blue vein. Crumbled onto crackers or combined with the Suffolk Salami on sourdough, it’s a burst of flavour that promises to wow.


Fen Farm Dairy Baby Baron Bigod

Baron Bigod

A guaranteed crowd pleaser, Fen Farm Dairy’s Baron Bigod is a multi-award-winning Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced to a recipe passed on by a French cheesemaker. The only one of its kind in the UK, Baron Bigod has distinct mushroom and earthy notes, with a decadently rich and oozingly creamy texture. Using raw milk from Montebeliarde cows that graze on Suffolk’s Waveney Valley, it’s widely, and rightly, acclaimed to be one of the best cheeses in the UK.

Suffolk Salami with fennel


This award-winning salami from the Suffolk Salami Co. is a taste sensation. A subtle note of aniseed carries through the salami which is made using the finest cuts of RSPCA-approved pork reared on the family’s farm. With superb sustainability credentials and high welfare for the pigs, this salami is a cut above any you’d find in the supermarket.


The Condiments & Accompaniments

The Fine Cheese Co. Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers

No luxury food hamper would be complete without a selection of artisan condiments to accompany the main stars. And this hamper excels here as well. From the Sweet Mustard Sauce to the Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade and their Creamed Horseradish, each has been carefully chosen to complement and enhance the smoked meats and fish. And as a conduit for those delicious pâtés, The Fine Cheese Co. Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers can more than hold their own against the strong flavours.

And for Dessert….

Cartwright and Butler Milk Chocolate Chunk biscuits

No food hamper would be complete without a selection of sweet options. The Pump Street Handmade Bean to Bar Chocolate is another Suffolk star, while the Cartwright and Butler Milk Chocolate Chunk biscuits are flakey and buttery, held together, it seems, by sizeable chunks of milk chocolate.



 We’d be lying if we said we didn’t hanker after this Luxury Food Hamper and we’re hard-pressed to think of any event or occasion it wouldn’t suit. A lavish gift for a host, a birthday gift for a foodie friend, a holiday home delivery to get your trip off to a cracking start, a wedding anniversary present for your parents, a retirement gift for a colleague or a readymade meal for a romantic evening. Whoever the lucky recipient, this hamper is truly special and sure to raise a smile.


Dan, Founder - Barbury Hill

by Dan Smith, Barbury Hill Founder

Dan founded Barbury Hill and he is the man behind our mission to shine a light on the best of British food and drink. He loves wine, cider and small batch cheese. And every producer on Barbury Hill.