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Meet the Maker: Beal’s Farm Charcuterie

Where do we start with Beal’s Farm? Do we tell you about the 8,000 year history of the Mangalitsa pig, or the award-winning meats found on the menus of Michelin starred restaurants?  We could talk for hours about the rich, flavoursome charcuterie and the unique appearance of the herd as they roam the woodlands and pastures of the farm. Let Barbury Hill introduce you to this independent producer - we’ve no doubt you’ll soon be as obsessed as we are.

While a rare sight, Mangalitsa pigs are as distinctive as the highly marbled meat they produce, with curly, colourful fleeces that give a hint of their relationship to the wild boar and make them instantly recognisable as they forage through the pastures and woods of Beal’s Farm. Saved from extinction in the early 2000s, the breed is now widely regarded as one of the finest in charcuterie production, offering a wealth of cuts that Beal’s Farm transform into exquisite morsels with their use of spices such as cloves, smoked paprika or a pinch of chilli. 

Mangalitsa Pigs at Beal's Farm


As with many of Barbury Hill’s offerings, this is a family-run affair. Not only are the herd reared on the family farm, but the process of curing, smoking, air-drying and packing is also carried out onsite, ensuring low mileage and a transparent supply chain that starts with Beal’s Farm and ends with Barbury Hill. We tasted the full range (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!) from the intriguing Coppa, Spalla and Lomo to the more recognisable bacon and salami, allowing us to handpick our favourites to bring to our Barbury Hill customers.

We were blown away (almost literally!) by the pepperoni, smoky nduja and spicy chorizo available from Barbury Hill in the Hot Box, while the Coppa, Air Dried Ham, Lomo and Spall perfectly showcase the variety offered by the Mangalitsa pig and can be appreciated side-by-side in the Mangalitsa Selection Box that we offer. Our breakfasts have been vastly improved by the bacon, sausages and Morcilla from the Breakfast Box, and we’re sold on the versatility of the Kitchen Box which has lifted our culinary repertoire and added more than a dash of excitement to our lockdown suppers.

Beal's Farm Hot Box, available on Barbury Hill  Charcuterie Sharing board by Beal's farm available on Barbury Hill

While we’re looking forward to the day we can host friends and family for a shared platter of charcuterie and a glass or two of Sharpham's Dart Valley, for now we’re certainly making the most of not having to share. We hope you’ll join us in discovering another exciting small British producer from Barbury Hill.

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