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Meet the Maker: Jolly Good Brownies

From our first bite of a Jolly Good Brownie, we were smitten. The slight crack of the top as it gives way to the soft, meltingly squidgy interior. The rich, intense chocolate. The all-too-tempting range of flavours. And of course there’s the added extras - the soft-as-a-cloud baby blanket, the Neal’s Yard goodies, the Happy Birthday bunting. For a new parent, birthday gift, or just a decadent teatime treat, Jolly Good Brownies are a sure-fire winner.

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Jolly Good by name, jolly good by nature

Former chef and owner of a catering company, Oli Barton first started baking brownies for friends and family. The orders started rolling in so she turned to baking full time, luckily for the rest of us! But while it’s her skill behind the dense, indulgent bakes, we have her five-year old son to thank for the name. And we think he got it just right - these really are ‘jolly good brownies’!

The ‘Magic’ Ingredient

When we first tried a Jolly Good Brownie we couldn’t quite decide what made them so good. We guessed at the free range eggs, or perhaps the premium quality chocolate. But it turns out it’s melted marshmallows that give her brownies that sticky, gooey middle. While this does mean that they’re not suitable for vegetarians, if you leave a note for us as you checkout of Barbury Hill, we can request a vegetarian-friendly alternative which is equally moreish.

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The perfect gift for new parents, birthdays and more

While there’s nothing to stop you buying a box of Jolly Good Brownies as a treat for yourself (in fact, those little treats and self-care have become all the more important in recent times), they make a perfect present. Delivered in simple but stylish recyclable boxes, Barbury Hill offers a wide selection, including a number that come with added extras.

For a new mother, the pure indulgence of the Mother & Baby Box with its selection of Neal’s Yard delights and six or twelve Original brownies will be a well-needed pick-me-up in those early weeks. And adding a beautiful muslin cloth for the baby means the magic of the gift will last long after the brownies have been devoured.

The option to add Happy Birthday bunting turns the brownies from tea time treat to birthday centrepiece in seconds. Just add them onto your order from Barbury Hill and you’ll have a birthday celebration ready and waiting. While these are ideal if you’re hosting a party, we also think they’re a particularly special way to send birthday wishes from a distance.

New Parent and Baby Brownies Gift Box with Neals Yard  Happy Birthday Brownie Gift Box - Barbury Hill

Salted Caramel? Chocolate Orange? Original? Gluten-Free?

Which would you choose? The Salted Caramel with its gooey caramel centre and rich chocolate? The Original, its classic cracked top giving way to an impossibly soft and squidgy middle? And with Christmas fast-approaching, the intensely dark chocolate brownies filled with dried cranberries, cinnamon and ginger are the ultimate festive treat.

Chocolate  orange brownies - Barbury Hill  Salted Caramel Brownies - Barbury Hill

Jolly Good Brownies

But don’t just take our word for it, add a box to your Barbury Hill basket and find out why these really are ‘jolly good brownies’!

Made fresh to order, the brownies will last for up to two weeks, though we defy anyone to resist eating them all for that long. As with all orders from Barbury Hill, they can be sent with a personalised message so even if you can’t be with the lucky recipient, they’ll know you’re thinking of them.

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