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Meet the Maker: Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery’s founder, Greg Pillay, is a man after our own hearts - environmentally minded, believer in the value of a strong local community, and beer-lover. Alongside a focus on organic, sustainable farming and creating a sociable hub for the community, Greg has crafted a truly superb beer. Proving that doing good can also taste good, Barbury Hill is delighted to deliver Greg’s exceptional beers from Stroud to your home with free delivery on most products.

It was in 2006 that Greg first decided to turn his twin passions for beer and the environment into a force for change, setting out to craft a beer that both tasted great and brought the community together without damaging the natural world. He has gone on to create a booming business, a tap room that offers a social heart for the community and all without compromising on his environmental goals, even achieving B Corps and Soil Association certifications. We were impressed with Stroud Brewery’s use of organically farmed ingredients and their dedication to achieving net-zero emissions, something we feel passionately about and which drives Barbury Hill’s commitment to British produce.

While the environmental and social benefits are good for the soul, it’s the flavour that satisfies body and mind. Named after Edwin Beard Budding, local inventor of the lawnmower, Budding Pale Ale put a smile on our faces with its quirky name and flavour. Amarillo hops offer citrus notes that are balanced with sweet malt and a hint of grassy bitterness, while we were bowled over by the caramel and spicy orange of their Amber Session bitter, Tom Long. A collaboration with renowned advocates of organic farming, River Cottage, has brought even more imaginative ingredients, with Stinger adding hand-foraged nettles and Rye PA bringing the pale ale into the 21st century.

Tom Long, Stroud Brewery, available on Barbury Hill  Budding, Stroud Brewery, available on Barbury Hill

Offered by Barbury Hill in cases of 12, these four beers come with free delivery and can also be sent with a personalised message, making them ideal as a gift. The four-pack of cans offers a chance to sample yet more of their exceptional beers, with a handpicked selection of Nelson, Alederflower, Big Cat and IPA. We’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but we’re confident that every one of them is making a positive impact on the world, proving that businesses can be profitable without compromising on ethics and the environment. When beer tastes this good and makes us feel this good, what’s not to love?

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by Dan Smith, Barbury Hill Founder

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