New to Barbury Hill: Penrhos Spirits

New to Barbury Hill: Penrhos Spirits

It’s no secret that Barbury Hill’s founder, Dan, likes a well-crafted drink; it is after all what inspired him to start the company. So he was understandably delighted when Penrhos Spirits came on board, allowing Barbury Hill to bring the award-winning gins of this family-business direct from their Herefordshire Marches home to yours.

Penrhos Spirits was born in the rolling hills of Herefordshire, amongst the apple orchards and blueberry bushes of the family farm, and it’s these flavours that bring a deliciously distinct edge to their gins. Crafted in small batches in a copper still named Connie, the traditional process takes place in the farm’s old barn, all under the watchful eye of Richard and Charles. Lifelong friends, Penrhos was born from their vision of a small-batch gin that could showcase their own botanicals,  the fruits from the farm’s orchards and the natural waters of the area. Testing and tweaking the recipes may have been a long labour of love, but the end result is one of the finest gins we’ve tasted at Barbury Hill (and we’ve tasted a few!).

Where the joyous pink of the Rhubarb Gin belies a refined meeting of cherry blossom and rose petals, their award-winning Apple and Elderflower offers a refreshing zing of British hedgerows and apples from their orchard. A worthy recipient of a gold star at the 2020 Taste Awards, it is available from Barbury Hill in 70cl bottles, and also joins the award-winning London Dry Gin in our trio of miniatures.

Apple & Elderflower gin by Penrhos Rhubarb Gin by Penrhos


For an intoxicating flavour without the alcohol, the addictively delicious Penrhos Zero Raspberry is a firm favourite at Barbury Hill HQ. In keeping with their low-waste goal, the ever-so-slightly less than perfect raspberries and blueberries that would ordinarily be rejected by the supermarkets bring a more-than-perfect fruity hint to the botanicals and floral notes of this alcohol-free gin. Add a dash of tonic, some fresh raspberries and mint to create a non-alcoholic cocktail that can hold its own alongside any other.

Zero by Penrhos

Whether you add interest to your own drinks cabinet with a British-made spirit or send them to loved ones with a personalised message, Barbury Hill are proud to bring the small-batch gins of this family-run distillery to your home.

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