Take a tour of our Charcuterie and Cheese Collection | Barbury Hill

Take a tour of our Charcuterie and Cheese Collection

This week our Founder, Dan, gave an Instagram video tour of our Best of British Charcuterie and Cheese Collection, part of our growing Barbury Box range. Dan showcased the British packaging we use to keep Barbury Box items well chilled during delivery to your door. These wool sleeves are sustainable, compostable or reusable. On the outside of the box, we even use a paper-based tape to secure the Barbury Box and minimise the use of any plastic. But once open and inside, that’s where you really find the good stuff! 

 Charcuterie and Cheese Collection | Barbury Box | Barbury Hill

Let’s start with cheese

First up, a real gem of a cheddar. Black Cow. Matured for 12 months in a thick black wax, this cheese has an intense and decadently rich flavour with a delightful crumbly texture. We’re off to a good start! Our latest addition is the distinctive pyramid shaped Sinodun Hill from Norton and Yarrow, a new breed of cheesemaker. This is a soft cheese made from goat's milk and boasts a delicate mousse-like texture and fresh, citrus flavour which develops with age. Light, delicate, fresh and delicious. Our final cheese is Three Hills Brie from the little-known Cumbrian-based Torpenhow Cheese Company. The pristine white rind of this soft cheese has a classic nutty flavour and reveals a delightfully delicate and buttery cheese with well-balanced citrus notes. These cheeses are not often found in supermarkets, and truly are the standout stars of the Barbury Box. 

Sinodun Hill | Barbury Box | Barbury Hill

The supporting act

At least, that’s until you reach the Chiltern Charcuterie Sharing Platter of cured meats. Not to be outdone, the pronounced salty, smokey and savoury flavours perfectly complement the trio of artisan cheeses we’ve selected for the Barbury Box. With smokey pork loin, salami and coppa, this charcuterie is certainly a cut above the rest (excuse the pun!). Could this be the perfect picky lunch? We certainly think so! Be sure to serve at room temperature to bring out the flavours of the meats, herbs and spices. 

The accompaniments 

Much as we’d be happy just eating cheese and charcuterie, we thought it best to include some delicious accompaniments to ensure you have the makings of an easy, but impressive lunch or supper. Homemade apple chutney and sourdough crackers with a malty rye flavour add a satisfyingly contrasting crunch to the cheese, creating vivid but complementary layers of flavour that will have you, or the lucky recipient, coming back for more. And more. 

Tasting Notes

Having spent so much time with the independent producers, farmers and makers that supply our Barbury Boxes, we know each of them has a tale to tell. They’re passionate about the food they produce and there’s no better source when it comes to learning about the products. That’s why we include producer information and tasting notes in all Barbury Boxes so you have complete transparency about where the selection has come from and the producer who made it.

Black Cow Cheddar and tasting notes | Barbury Box | Barbury Hill

Free next day delivery

We’ve all done it. The birthday creeps up on you, or the lunch date is imminent and the cupboards are bare. That’s why our Barbury Boxes come with free next day delivery from Tuesday to Friday with delivery even available on a Saturday. Ordering is quick and easy, and you or your recipient will be feasting, and smiling, in no time. 

Gluten Free Summer Cheese Collection

If you’re gluten-free, then don’t worry, you don’t need to miss out! Our popular Summer cheese Collection Barbury Box is also available with gluten-free oatcakes, making the whole selection gluten-free. Even better, the Super Seeded Oatcakes are both delicious and extremely versatile. Explore our Gluten Free Collection here. 

As a gift for a host, a birthday lunch for a hard-to-please gourmet, or a send-off gift for a favourite colleague, the Charcuterie and Cheese Collection Barbury Box is hard to beat. And with the option to add a personalised handwritten note, it’s the fuss-free way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

 Gluten Free Summer Cheese Box | Barbury Box | Barbury Hill


Rebecca Lancaster, Copywriter
by Rebecca Lancaster, Copywriter
Rebecca, a talented writer, is a friend of Barbury Hill’s. When she’s not eating the best of British food and drink, she is writing about it. And when she’s not writing about it, she’s thinking about it.


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