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What are the best alcohol-free drinks?

As we move further into Sober October, chances are your willpower may be starting to waver. There are only so many juices and fizzy drinks we can take before the complexity of a cocktail or the hoppy intrigue of an IPA starts to call our name. But with Barbury Hill’s extensive range of no and low-alcohol drinks, there’s no need to be bored. So with that in mind, what are the best alcohol-free drinks to keep you interested throughout October and beyond?

An alcohol-free drink for every occasion

Barbury Hill is proud to feature a wide selection of non-alcoholic spirits, beers and ciders, all from small, independent British producers and which you won’t find on supermarket shelves. From a sophisticated Spritz to the summer flavours of a crisp cider, our no and low alcohol drinks have been flying out of the door in the run-up to October as people ask what the best alcohol-free drinks are. Whether you’re taking Wilfred's Spritz to a dinner party, or enjoying a pre-dinner aperitif with Salcombe New London Light, Barbury Hill has a non-alcoholic drink for every occasion.

Wilfreds Spritz

A constant best-seller here at Barbury Hill, Wilfred’s Spritz is a refreshing blend of bitter orange, aromatic rosemary and a hint of rhubarb and clove to add intrigue. The result is a joyous riot of classic British flavours inspired by the herb garden of Chris Wilfred’s childhood home and his fathers marmalade. Voted Britains #1 non-alcoholic drink at the 2020 Great British Food Awards, it was also awarded a star at the 2020 Great Taste Awards. Free from alcohol, artificial flavours sweeteners, and colours, it’s low on calories and high on taste. We serve ours with ice and good quality tonic water, with a garnish of orange if we’re feeling fancy.

 Wilfred's Spritz  - Barbury Hill  Wilfred's Spritz  - Barbury Hill

Penrhos Zero - Raspberry

If there’s one drink that is tough to replicate in alcohol-free form, it’s the quintessential G&T. But in Penrhos Zero Raspberry we found a spirit that more than lives up to the complexity and sophistication of its alcoholic peers. Whenever we’re asked ‘what are the best alcohol-free drinks?’, this is one of our answers. It’s a perfect balance of zesty raspberries and floral botanicals that include junipers, peppercorns and their own blueberries.

 As with many Barbury Hill producers, Penrhos has a strong commitment to sustainability, using the raspberries and blueberries from their farm that are too ‘wibbly wobbly’ to be sold in supermarkets. Combatting food waste may have been the inspiration for Penrhos Zero - Raspberry but in making it on their copper still, it has the same well-rounded complexity as their other spirits.

Penrhos Zero Raspberry - Barbury Hill  Penrhos Zero Raspberry - Barbury Hill

Pulp Cider - Low Alcohol Apple Craft Cider

This one may be low-alcohol instead of no-alcohol, but we feel it deserves a place in our round up of the best alcohol-free drinks from Barbury Hill. Perhaps you’re taking your foot off the gas rather than stopping completely? Then Pulp Cider’s low-alcohol Apple Craft Cider is a great option, as is Small Beer.

Light and refreshing, this has all the flavour of a conventional cider, but with just 0.5% ABV. Taking the skill and expertise from years of cider-making and adapting it for the low-alcohol market, Pulp has been able to create a low-alcohol alternative with all the flavour and aroma of their alcoholic ciders. Just one sip transports us to a balmy summer’s afternoon - and what more could you ask as we slip into the crisp chill of Autumn?

Pulp Cider, Low ABV - Barbury Hill  Pulp Cider, Low ABV - Barbury Hill

The best alcohol-free drinks from Barbury Hill

Choosing our favourites from the selection of alcohol-free drinks available at Barbury Hill was tough but with Wilfred’s, Penrhos Zero and Pulp Cider you have an interesting variety to keep your willpower going through October. We picked out a few more of our favourites in our recent story about Sober October and you can check out the rest of our range of Low and No-Alcohol drinks here.


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Dan Smith, Founder, Barbury Hill

by Dan Smith, Barbury Hill Founder

Dan founded Barbury Hill and he is the man behind our mission to shine a light on the best of British food and drink. He loves wine, cider and small batch cheese. And every producer on Barbury Hill.