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What does International Private Chef & Food Writer, Philippa Davis, say about Barbury Box

When we launched our first Barbury Box in the summer of 2022, we decided it must showcase the best of British Charcuterie and Cheese. Artisan cheese and cured meats are our most popular gifts – who wouldn’t want to receive a thoughtfully sent parcel of British cheese – so bringing together the best of British in one tasty selection made perfect sense. And if the thought of artisan cheese and high welfare, British charcuterie has already piqued your interest, take a look at our first ever Barbury Box here.

The Barbury Box from Barbury Hill

We knew that we’d included the very best cheese and charcuterie that would create a sharing platter to be proud of. We’d combined British products from independent producers that are enduringly popular with Barbury Hill customers so were confident they’d be a success. 

But we didn’t want to be complacent. While we’re lucky enough to taste every product we feature in our Barbury Boxes, we needed a second opinion. So we set about finding an impartial and exceptionally experienced taster to give us their expert, and honest, feedback. And naturally, we had to find one with terrific taste buds. So setting the bar high, we got in touch with International Private Chef and Food Writer, Philippa Davis. 

About Philippa Davis

Philippa has been a food nut ever since taking a Saturday job in a local café at the age of 14. Inspired by the female owners, and hooked on the madly busy kitchen, she was destined for a dazzling career in food that has seen her work at Lidgate Butchers, Moro, and the Michelin-starred River Café. In 2010, she decided to become a private chef where her ability to select artisan produce from local markets to create delicious dishes sees her booked out year-round. But, remarkably, she also finds time to write for BBC Food, House & Garden and The Field Magazine.

We managed to catch Philippa when she had a few days in one place and sent our new Barbury Box to her door. And not long after, probably just enough time to polish off the generous portions of cheese in fact, we received a response that confirmed we’d hit the nail on the head:

“Outrageously delicious! As a chef and writer I spend a lot of time tracking down exceptional British produce, so I absolutely loved the ease of having a box filled with these goodies and delivered straight to my door!”

Philippa Davis, International private chef & food writer

International Private Chef & Food Writer, Philippa Davis | Barbury Hill

What can we say? Her feedback was the oomph we needed to continue creating carefully curated Barbury Boxes filled with your favourite British independent food and drink. So take a look at our growing range of Barbury Boxes and stay tuned to find out what’s next for the Barbury Box. And if there are any products you’d particularly like to see featured in a Barbury Box, get in touch and let us know!

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Daniel Smith, Founder | Barbury Hill

by Dan, Barbury Hill Founder
Dan founded Barbury Hill and he is the man behind our mission to shine a light on the best of British food and drink. He loves English wine, cider and small batch cheese. And every producer on Barbury Hill.


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