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Why buy organic?

Barbury Hill was founded on the idea of supporting British producers and making their produce more accessible to customers around the UK. But the more we explored, the more we discovered that buying British has a greater benefit. With so many of our independent producers focusing on sustainability and minimising their impact on the planet, we’ve found many are dedicated to organic produce. We’ve taken a look at why buying organic brings benefits to you, the planet and the animals. 

Be more Bee

We all know there’s a climate crisis unfolding, but with such a global problem it can be difficult to know how to help as an individual. We won’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do have one. Buy organic.

As individuals, we feel small, and that our actions are also small. But think of yourself as an insect (bear with us!). They’re small, but their impact on the food chain is immense. Without bees, for instance, there’s no pollination and no growth.

Now think of yourself as that bee. We may be small as individuals but together we make an impact. Small changes, like buying organic food, perhaps seem insignificant, but they build up to become something far greater.

Why buy organic?  Be more bee | Barbury Hill


1. Good for the local and global environment

Let’s bring that bee back in. When you buy organic food, you’re playing a part in saving the smaller insects that our food chain relies on. Organic farming means no artificial fertilisers and using pesticides only under extremely restricted circumstances. 
Instead, organic farmers use the natural eco-systems of their farms, with birds and beetles feeding on pests such as slugs. And because they’re reliant on these ecosystems, farmers tend to maintain and promote wildlife habitats, including planting wildflower areas - which is good for those bees.
According to the Soil Association, there’s 50% more plant, insect and bird life, including around 75% more wild bees on organic farms. And if you only need one answer to the question ‘why buy organic?’ that should be it. But of course, there are more…

2. Good for you

Those nasty pesticides aren’t just bad for the bees, they’re not great for us either. Not only does organic farming restrict their use, it also restricts the additives and preservatives that can be added, meaning no hydrogenated fats or artificial food colourings, sweeteners and preservatives. There are no genetically modified ingredients, no routine use of antibiotics and no use of growth stimulants like hormones. What you get when you buy organic, is naturally produced food that tastes as nature intended. 
A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that organic milk and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic. What better excuse to cut an extra slice of Bath Soft Cheese?


Organic farming - why  buy organic | Barbury Hill

3. Good for the animals

But organic food isn’t just good for the planet and us. It’s also good for the animals. Organically reared animals mean free range ones. So they’re likely to have had happier, healthier lives, free from unnecessary hormones or antibiotics, and raised on a nutritious diet that’s natural and doesn’t include any GM foods. They’ll have been raised in conditions that suit their natural behaviour, with plenty of space and fresh air that helps to reduce stress and disease.
Organic standards stipulate that cows eat mainly grass, and while that’s undoubtedly better for the cows, it also makes the cheese taste better, as the many happy customers who’ve bought artisan cheese from Barbury Hill will agree.


Grazing cows on organic farm - why buy organic | Barbury Hill

Organic food and drink from Barbury Hill 

From the silky soft smudge of Bath Soft Cheese, to the hoppy zest of an IPA from Stroud Brewery, Barbury Hill is proud to support the organic farming mission in the UK by stocking the best of British. Baked by Beth’s largely organic plant-based brownies and bars leave a sweet taste in the mouth in more ways than one, while Gattertop’s Soil Association organic certification is as refreshing as their Damson No.12 Vodka.

Why buy organic?

With many of the food and drink products on Barbury Hill bought as gifts for loved ones, friends, neighbours and colleagues, buying organic is an added bonus in an already thoughtful gift. And with the best of British featured on our site, you can be sure that many will be following organic practises or as close to them as possible.

Our food and drink gifts are thoughtfully handpicked, and thoughtfully chosen by our customers. And when that thoughtfulness extends further, to the whole supply chain, it creates a gift that gives so much more than it seems.


Rebecca, Barbury Hill copywriter

by Rebecca Lancaster, Copywriter

Rebecca, a talented writer, is a friend of Barbury Hill’s. When she’s not eating the best of British food and drink, she is writing about it. And when she’s not writing about it, she’s thinking about it.