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Wilfred's Alcohol Free Orange & Rosemary Spritz

Bored by the overly sweet and unimaginative non-alcoholic drink options on the market, Chris Wilfred Hughes set out to create his own. An engineer and inventor by day, he’s not a man to do things by half and, after two years, 100 recipes, and a worldwide tour of botanicals, we at Barbury Hill can confirm he’s created a non-alcoholic drink that stands out from the crowd. With the zingy flavours of a traditional spritz, but reimagined for today’s more health-conscious drinker, Wilfred’s Orange and Rosemary Spritz brings a classic drink into the 21st century.

As avid travellers ourselves, we wish we’d been around for the tastings of Chris’ earlier recipes, which travelled through every botanical he could find from around the world. From Japanese hibiscus to delicate English rose, he worked through each imaginable combination before coming back to where it all began; the bitter orange flavours in his father’s marmalade and the aromatic rosemary of his mother’s garden, with a hint of rhubarb and clove to add intrigue. The result is a joyous riot of classic British flavours, calling to mind a warm summer’s day that stretches lazily into a balmy evening of good company, good food and good drink.

It’s not only Barbury Hill that’s fallen for the zesty orange, rosemary and rhubarb notes, it was voted Britain’s #1 non-alcoholic drink at the 2020 Great British Food Awards, and was a winner at the 2020 Great Taste Awards. As well as being alcohol-free, it’s also free from artificial sweeteners and colours and boasts just 21 calories per 50ml serving, without any compromise on flavour or enjoyment. At Barbury Hill we’ve been pouring ours as a long, refreshing drink over ice and tonic but it works a dream as a standout ingredient in a number of sophisticated cocktails, from a non-alcoholic Negroni to a Martini.

Conceived and made in Britain, with quintessentially British flavours, Wilfred’s Orange and Rosemary Spritz is a classic example of Barbury Hill’s ‘best of British’. We’re delighted to add yet another award-winner to our handpicked selection of no and low-alcohol drinks, tried and tasted by us to ensure the superior quality that epitomises our independent producers and small businesses. If dry January has inspired an ongoing lifestyle change for you, adding Wilfred’s Spritz to your drinks cabinet will keep things interesting. Order a bottle today from Barbury Hill and let us know what you think!

Wilfred's Spritz Wilfred's Spritz Wilfred's Spritz


Dan, Founder of Barbury Hill

by Dan Smith, Barbury Hill Founder

Dan founded Barbury Hill and he is the man behind our mission to shine a light on the best of British food and drink. He loves wine, cider and small batch cheese. And every producer on Barbury Hill.