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What to bring to a Jubilee Street Party

As the nation prepares for a long weekend of street parties, fêtes, and celebrations in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, is there a better way to mark her reign than with ‘the Best of British’? People in towns, villages and cities across the country are laying out the cream teas, hanging the bunting, and preparing to join their neighbours for a street party. So if you’re joining them, just what should you bring to a Jubilee street party?

Luckily, Barbury Hill’s range of handpicked British food and drink has the answer! Read on to discover our no-fuss suggestions to make your street party contribution the guest of honour.

Smoked Fish and Cured Meats

If you’re sharing food with neighbours, a charcuterie board is a sure-fire winner. From hand-sliced Scottish Salmon to salami from rare breed Mangalitsa pigs, lay out a selection of smoked fish or meat accompanied by fresh bread and cheese. Check out our recent story on how to put together a sharing platter for more ideas.

The Coastal Picnic Hamper is a simple way to pretend you’ve made a lot of effort, and is chockfull of seaside delights. From Smoked Salmon Pâté to Sweet pickled herrings, Smoked Scottish Salmon to Fine Cheese Company Water Crackers, it has all you need for a celebratory Jubilee street party. Though a bottle of Langham’s Culver Classic Cuvée wouldn’t go amiss. And as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for most, why not celebrate in style with The Oyster Lover’s Hamper, complete with oyster shucker, Tabasco sauce and even a lemon.

Artisan Cheese

Britain is home to some of the world’s finest cheeses, so what better way to honour Britain’s longest-serving monarch than with a selection of artisan cheese. The Bath Soft Cheese Co. Five of the Best takes all the planning out of the perfect cheeseboard, with a soft, a blue and three exceptional hard cheeses from this award-winning company.

If you want to push the boat out for this special occasion, The Champion Cheese Hamper has everything you need to lay out a feast fit for a Queen. From crackers to cheese, chutneys to cider, your neighbours are sure to crown your street party contribution the finest in the land. For more ideas, our Best British Cheeses and How to Create the Perfect Cheeseboard stories are bursting with handy tips.

Organic Cheese Box | Barbury Hill

Handmade Treats

Afternoon Tea

After a savoury start, we suspect the Queen is also partial to a handmade treat once in a while. And when thinking of what to bring to a Jubilee street party, what could be more perfect than a Cream Tea? But there’s no need to lay out your best china, these cream teas come with everything you could possibly need, so no need to worry about plates, cups or even sugar cubes!

And to give your street party the Royal treatment, our Classic Afternoon Tea Delivery brings everything you need, direct to your door. This selection of lovingly prepared home-baked treats includes sandwiches, chocolate brownies, coconut & lemon slices, sausage rolls and the obligatory scones with Tiptree preserve and the all important Rodda's clotted cream. 


Classic Afternoon Tea | Barbury Hill

Gold-dusted Champagne, Raspberry & Chocolate Brownies

You may not have the gold crown, but with Gold-dusted Champagne, Raspberry & Chocolate Brownies you can add a dash of glitz to your street party. Decadently gooey, these brownies are everything you could want - moreish, indulgent, and intensely chocolatey with a tang of raspberry and the regal splendour of a dusting of gold.

Gold-dusted Champagne, Raspberry & Chocolate Brownies


To finish off the meal with something sweet and shareable, we favour a selection of fudge. The award-winning Marsden’s Fudge is a firm favourite at Barbury Hill, though even Vogue described it as ‘second to none’! With Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Ginger to choose from, these fudges are buttery and crumbly with an moreish depth of flavour that will have neighbours coming back for ‘just one more piece’.

Low and No-alcohol Drinks

 While many will be breaking out the fizz in celebration of 70 years on the throne, when considering what to bring to a Jubilee street party, we like to cater to all. So our contribution will include a selection of no and low-alcohol drinks. For a taste of the English countryside, look no further than Penrhos Spirits’ Zero Alcohol Raspberry Gin, while a selection of classic cocktails from Highball Cocktails will bring the ‘party’ to your street.

For those who prefer an English ale, Small Beer’s crisp lager, juicy Session Pale and toasty Dark Lager will bring a comforting taste of the traditional pub, without the calories or consequences. With these delicious low alcohol beers, no one need miss out on the weekend’s celebrations.

English Wine

We’re not sure there’s a more perfect way to celebrate the reign of the Queen than with a glass of sparkling wine from her own kingdom. Pop open a bottle (or six) of the Culver Classic Cuvée NV to toast the Jubilee in suitable style. Raise a glass of Pinot Meunier 2018 to admire the stream of fine bubbles and aromas of caramelised peach, fresh cream. Or crown the day with a Magnum of Classic Cuvée 2014 with its golden hues and elegant flavour profile. Whichever bottle you opt for, these English Sparkling Wines are sure to make your Jubilee Street Party go with a bang.

Celebrate with the Best of British

How will you be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? Whether you’re buying for a street party or a celebratory lunch with family and friends, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know when you place your order, or tag @barburyhill in your photos on social media. As we all come together as a country in celebration of a long and successful reign, we’ll certainly be raising a glass to HM Elizabeth II, truly the ‘Best of British’.

Becki Lancaster | Barbury Hill

by Rebecca Lancaster, Copywriter
Rebecca, a talented writer, is a friend of Barbury Hill’s. When she’s not eating the best of British food and drink, she is writing about it. And when she’s not writing about it, she’s thinking about it.