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Best crackers for cheese

It’s fair to say we’re more than a little crackers about cheese. A quick look through our range of artisan cheese is a hint that we may be a little obsessed. But we’re not alone in thinking that few meals beat a simple cheese and biscuits. It’s one of our best-selling categories, and our customers come back to Barbury Hill time and again for our handpicked range from Fen Farm, Bath Soft Cheese and Godminster.

We’ve written extensively about the best British cheeses and how to care for cheese. But once you’ve got the perfect cheeseboard, what are the best crackers for cheese?

We know that some people will never, understandably, be dissuaded from a Carr’s Water Biscuit. We too enjoy a plain biscuit that allows the cheese to do the talking. But we were interested to see what else is available so we got tasting at Barbury Hill HQ (it’s a tough job!). Read on to discover what took the biscuit.

Miller’s Elements Ale Crackers

Beer, cheese and crackers? A winning combination if ever there was one! We were very taken with this earthy gem made from deconstructed beer ingredients – hops, wheat and barley that lend malty but subtle and understated flavours. A fine addition to a rustic sharing platter or a Ploughman’s lunch. Baked by hand with natural ingredients, they’re a firm favourite, especially when washed down with an organic beer from Stroud Brewery.

Best Crackers for cheese - Miller's Elements Ale Crackers |  Barbury Hill

Bath Squares

We tasted these buttery biscuits with the Bath Blue and found the crisp, unsweetened biscuit carried this superior cheese rather well. A heritage cracker that has been reimagined and made with the finest British butter, we’d highly recommend it with Four of the Best. Handily, there’s the option to add Bath Squares to your organic cheese box from Barbury Hill.

Best crackers for cheese - Bath Square Crackers | Barbury Hill

Godminster Charcoal and Cumin

We’ve long had a soft spot for Godminster Organic Cheddar but have you tried Godminster crackers? The team at Godminster has taken their time to taste, test, tweak and perfect their new cracker range, and it shows. The Charcoal and Cumin crackers, sprinkled with aromatic cumin seeds, have a distinctive, warming flavour and pair perfectly with their vintage cheddar. We also tried the Beetroot & Nigella Seed crackers – delicious with Godminster’s Oak-Smoked Vintage.

Best crackers for cheese - Godminster Charcoal and Cumin Crackers | Barbury Hill

Cradoc’s Savoury Crackers

Cradoc’s has a fantastic range of handmade crackers with a fascinating story born from one family’s love of good cheese and sharing special moments over a cheeseboard. Dissatisfied with the quality of crackers on the market, Allie Thomas decided to make her own. We’re so pleased she did as these were some of our favourites in our tasting.

We loved the fruity and ever so slightly sweet Pear and Earl Grey with Norton & Yarrow’s Sinodun Hill ripened goat’s cheese. It also pairs wonderfully well with soft and creamy cheeses such as Bath Soft or Tunworth. 

Mellis Buttermilk Biscuits

We discovered these hand-baked savoury crackers after they were recommended by our friends at Fen Farm Dairy and they’re certainly one of the best crackers for cheese that we’ve come across. Made with Fen Farm’s buttermilk, they’re a match made in Fen Farm Dairy heaven with the Essential Baron Bigod Collection that uses milk from the same cows.

Best crackers with cheese - Mellis Buttermilk Biscuits | Barbury Hill

There is another way

When we first taste cheese it’s on its own – a purist approach to best establishing flavours and quality. Remember to allow your cheese to come up to room temperature, start with mildest to strongest, try small amounts and if you can, and chew slowly! Give it a try next time before you dive in with crackers, fruits and chutneys. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a humble cracker. And there’s definitely a lot to be said for those that made our list of the best crackers for cheese!

And for something totally different

Cheese biscuits, not biscuits for cheese. Have you tried Giddy Nibbles yet? We recently discovered the UK’s first bake-at-home cheese biscuit. Savoury treats in minutes made with British artisan cheese. Why didn’t someone think of this before? Simply slice off the readymade roll and pop in the oven for ten minutes. The excitement builds as your kitchen fills with aromas of home-baked treats. And the taste? Delicious. Best enjoyed with friends.

We hope our reviews of the best crackers for cheese offers one or two names you might not have heard of before. Do you have a cheese biscuit that drives you crackers? Get in touch and share the love!

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Dan, Barbury Hill founderby Dan Smith, Barbury Hill Founder
Dan founded Barbury Hill and he is the man behind our mission to shine a light on the best of British food and drink. He loves wine, cider and small batch cheese. And every producer on Barbury Hill.