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Meet the Maker: Salcombe Distilling Co.


Salcombe Gin


Is it just us or do these summer days have anyone else craving the zesty complexity of a good G&T? If that sounds like you, then good news… Barbury Hill’s growing range of British-made gins has been joined by a coastal craft. Hailing from sunny Salcombe, these gins are as crisp and refreshing as a blast of salty sea air. Let us introduce you to Salcombe Distilling Co.’s range of genuinely distinguished gins.

Start Point

Start Point, Salcombe Distilling

Well, where better to start, than with ‘Start Point’? Taking inspiration from Salcombe’s past as a key trading port, Start Point is packed with no fewer than 13 botanicals sourced from around the world. Macedonian juniper, English coriander and fresh citrus sit alongside cardamon and liquorice to create a generously rich and smooth gin. Their flagship gin is a multi award-winning star, as at home with tonic and a slice of grapefruit as it is in a citrus-based cocktail.

Rosé Sainte Marie

Rosé Sainte Marie, Salcombe Distilling

Travel back a couple of hundred years to the balmy shores of Southern France with Rosé Sainte Marie. Inspired by the Sainte Marie lighthouse that would have guided Salcombe Fruit Schooners into the Old Port of Marseille, this vibrant gin is a joyous riot of the flavours of the Mediterranean. The earthy notes of Macedonian juniper berries are sweetened by strawberry, while freshly-peeled lemon and orange add a zesty warmth. Lavender, orange blossom and pink peppercorns transport us to sunnier climes with one sip.

One of only two ‘pink’ gins to be awarded Double Gold from the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition, Rosé Sainte Marie joins Penrhos Spirits and River Test Distillery in Barbury Hill’s growing collection of award-winning gins.

New London Light

New London Light, Salcombe Distilling

But for those leaning towards a healthier diet, we’re delighted to offer the fresh flavours of NLL. Whether you’re committing to a more wholesome lifestyle this summer or simply looking to mix things up, Salcombe's alcohol-free, New London Light has arrived at the perfect time.

When Barbury Hill first tasted NLL we were amazed by its complexity of flavour and full body. Taking their years of experience in distilling award-winning gins and applying those same principles to non-alcoholic spirits, they’ve been able to replicate the zest and intricate balance of botanicals that we love in our G&T and can now enjoy without the risk of a fuzzy head the next day.

A base of warming ginger, habanero capsicum and Macedonian juniper berries draws inspiration from the exotic spices that once travelled across the Atlantic aboard 19th century Fruit Schooners, sailing into the Long Island Sound under the bright beacon of the New London Lighthouse. This rich base is then blended with 15 further botanicals, each carefully selected to build intriguing layers of flavour and depth, from cardamon to lemongrass, orange and sage.

What we particularly love about NLL is the thought and care that has clearly gone into its creation - while most spirits are created with flavour in mind, Salcombe Distilling Co. have taken this one step further and chosen ingredients that also bring health benefits, with nutrients and bio-actives that aid body and mind. Switching our usual G&T over to New London Light has us feeling all kinds of virtuous - zero-alcohol, low calorie, and good for us?

The Perfect Gift

While we’d be over the moon to receive a bottle of NLL, Start Point or Rosé Sainte Marie, Barbury Hill also features two gift hampers, ideal as a present or to take to a picnic or BBQ. The Salcombe Gin Miniature Cool Bag Set is just the tonic for a summer’s day, with miniature bottles of your choice of gin, tonics and stainless steel tumblers in a Salcombe cool bag. The Salcombe Weekender would be a well-received gift for a host, with its 70cl bottle of Salcombe Gin's award-winning 'Start Point' or 'Rosé Sainte Marie’, eight cans of Fever Tree tonic and a copper jigger, all beautifully packaged in a Salcombe jute bag.

Salcombe Gin Cool Bag Set The Salcombe Weekender Gift Set

Sustainability Superstars

Not only has Salcombe’s seafaring history inspired their gins, but 1% of their UK sales go towards supporting Marine Conservation Societys seagrass regeneration project. With 83% of the world’s carbon cycle circulating through the oceans, seagrass is a vital source of carbon sequestration, and key in protecting our planet.

For every bottle of gin you buy, you help to protect and regenerate 2m² of seagrass. Not only that, but Salcombe have also removed single use plastics from their production and are working hard to ensure their packaging is as plastic-free as possible. Their delivery is carbon-neutral, and the energy they use comes from 100% renewable sources. These sustainability champions are working hard to protect the oceans we all depend on.

Salcombe, Devon, UK

While holidays to Mediterranean shores seem a distant memory, we’ll settle for being transported in one sip with Salcombe. And with delivery from Barbury Hill across the UK, with the option to add a personalised message, getting a spot of sunshine in a glass is easy this summer, whether you’re picnicking in the park, or enjoying long lazy lunches with friends and family.

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